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When you have to ship sensitive equipment that requires an extra measure of protection, MM Solutions designs and builds cushioned pallets and cushioned crates to absorb any shocks your products may encounter during transport.

Fully Customized Cushioned Pallets and Crates

We cushion our custom pallets and crates with foams that have different densities to absorb shock and bear the necessary load, ensuring your sensitive high-tech products arrive safe and sound, no matter how long and rough the journey may be.

For one-time use, or ongoing re-use, foam-cushioned custom pallets and crates from MM Solutions are carefully designed and engineered to provide impact and vibration protection for your products that protect against any shocks or bumps they may encounter on the journey.

Uncompromising Quality

Many of our clients have brought us their products on our competitors’ pallets to resolve issues like missed delivery dates, design inconsistencies (documentation), quality control documentation, lack of expertise, or a need for a higher level of craftsmanship. MM Solutions also designs cushioned crates in any shape or size to protect your cargo. Share your specifications and needs with us, and we’ll put our packaging engineers to work, creating a custom design, selecting just the right materials, and ensuring that you get a durable, high-quality, cost-effective shipping solution that works.

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We are happy to provide a free quote on a custom cushioned pallet or cushioned crate for you.

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