Clean Room and Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services from MM Solutions include clean room equipment moving and installation, Colorado laboratory services, packaging and crating sensitive materials.MM Solutions have the skills, knowledge and equipment to assist you with all types of Clean Room and Colorado laboratory services.  Installing pedestals, tools or moving existing equipment – at MM Solutions we do it all, and we do it in all types and levels of Clean Room specification [1000 to 100ppm].

Clean Room and Colorado Laboratory Services Value Propositions:

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of packaging, crating, equipment relocations, and transportation will allow your projects to be finished efficiently, safely and with no hidden costs. At MM Solutions we provide turnkey solutions and will be accountable for the complete project.

  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Design-engineered crates and pallets
  • Work directly with your project manager to assure your success
  • Flexible when scope of work changes

Capabilities and Services

  • Machinery and Equipment Relocation
  • Crating and Skidding
  • Packaging
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Clean room experienced technicians

Add, replace, or move machinery with clean room and Colorado laboratory services from MM SolutionsClean Room Move and Colorado laboratory services

Case Studies – available

  1. Colorado Laboratory services including clean room tool and equipment installations.
  2. Relocate R&D Lab from California to Colorado
  3. Relocate R&D Lab from California to 2 locations in Colorado
  4. Two Campus shut downs, Denver and Fort Collins Colorado. Crate & ship worldwide
  5. Relocate R&D Lab and Server Farm to new facility.

Facility, Machinery and Equipment Relocation

  • Forklift capability to 25000 Lbs (min 5000)
  • Machine skates, jacks, and specialty rigging equipment
  • Roller Lifts
  • Crane available

Crating and Skidding

  • Design engineered shipping crates and skids, internationally certified
  • Unique designs for across town or around the world
  • All lumber is heat treated for international standards
  • Fumigation arrangements at our site or yours


  • Foam In Place packaging
  • Custom boxes
  • Itemized contents list
  • Custom labeling
  • Use of international shipping symbols

Transportation and Logistics

  • Providing the most sophisticated truck/trailer delivery systems for your delicate instrumentation

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