Custom Packaging Design

MM Solutions excels in engineering custom packaging design that meets your highest standards.  Let us minimize your cost, protect the product and provide the best “out of the box” experience for your customers.  We focus on the Total Cost of Deployment. Also we are studying factors such as packout and unpacking experience, shipping mode and expense, warehousing requirements, sensitivity of the product, and presentation goals for your products. We have been registered with the Better Business Bureau as an A+ accredited company for more than fifteen years.

Custom Packaging Design by MM Soluctions Loveland, ColoradoMM Solutions Loveland, CO offers Custom Packaging Design, Crates, and Boxes for shipping and storing your product safely

MM Solutions Value Propositions

Packaging serves many roles, eg. product delivery, marketing, and ease of packing and unpacking. Furthermore, we conduct a full analysis of your product requirements. And then we provide you with the best custom packaging design recommendations specially to meet all of your requirements.

  • Minimize packing and unpacking time
  • Incorporate marketing goals and facilitate brand recognition
  • Designed in relation to value of the product
  • Protect products in various warehousing and environmental conditions
  • Serve as an important first step in the customer’s out of box experience
  • Designed by packaging engineers

Capabilities and Services

  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Foam and corrugated inserts
  • Foam in place
  • Shock, drop, vibration, and environmental testing
  • Custom vapor barrier bags.
  • Custom print and graphics.
  • CAD designs for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Custom printed bags and tapes.
  • MIL spec and government compliant packaging design

Loveland Colorado Packaging Design Experts Provide Custom Packing Design, crates, and boxes to protect your products

Corrugated Cartons

  • All styles of corrugated cartons and board stock
  • Shipping cartons or retail packaging
  • Custom printing, including full color litho laminate
  • Counter top and free-standing displays

Custom printed bags and tapes

  • Merchandise bags, poly bags and specialty bags, all available for custom print.
  • Highlight your company name, logo, or message.
  • Printed tapes draw attention to important instructions.

Foam and corrugated inserts

  • End caps for blocking and bracing
  • Design-engineered cushioning
  • ESD protective containers and foam

Foam in place

  • Specifically designed cushions for ultimate protection and efficiency
  • One of a kind or volume production
  • Do-it-yourself kits available

Military Packaging and custom packaging design

Shock, drop, vibration, and environmental testing

  • Reports delivered with specific shock readings
  • Replicate the conditions of your shipment in a controlled environment
  • Identify requirements of packaging
  • Reduce number of product returns

Custom vapor barrier bags

  • Protects products in high humidity environments
  • Suitable for long-term storage
  • International shipments

CAD designs for accuracy and efficiency

  • Drawings provided for quality management
  • Assures consistency
  • Supports design modifications to accommodate evolving product lines

MIL spec and government compliant packaging

  • Full service packaging services, fully compliant with government contracts
  • Determine and produce packaging according to the technical data
  • WAWF – full services: Documentation, barcode labeling, etc.