Custom Crates and Custom Pallets

MM Solutions offers custom crates and custom pallets to handle any packaging challenge. We produce custom crates for specific needs as well as high quality, cushioned custom pallets.  All our products are designed engineered for high endurance and all production is done in our own facility.

Custom crates, custom pallets and packaging from MM Solutions - Loveland, CO Custom crates, custom crating solutions, and custom pallets engineered for endurance by MM Solutions Loveland, CO

We utilize lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes to efficiently produce your crating system.  The result is a solution that is ready to take on the most hostile transit experience across town or around the world.

MM Solutions Value Propositions

  • Package designed engineered
  • Team of packaging engineering professionals available
  • JIT Deliveries
  • All lumber is heat treated for International shipments
  • Special crate for industry standard 19” Electronics Rack
  • Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices

Custom Crating Packaging Solutions

  • Foam in Place for one-off delicate pieces
  • Anti-static bags, boxes and foam
  • Can accomplish complete projects at our facility or on-site
  • Blocking, bracing, bolting, banding
  • Specialty fabrication and fastening systems
  • Custom crates designed for ease of Customs Inspection

Custom crates, wood crates and skids are engineered for endurance by MM Solutions Loveland, CO.  We offer solutions to fit your specifi nedds.  Call today for our help.

Green-Reusable and Recyclable

  • Entire wood crate container can be recycled with ease
  • Can be built for reuse – saving future packaging costs
  • All lumber is heat treated [HT certified]
  • Made in the USA

Design Engineered Custom Crates

  • Custom Crating designed with specific product in mind
  • Drawings can be provided to update files
  • Cushion curve analysis for ultimate protection