Military Spec Packaging

Full Service Military Spec Packaging Solutions

Military Spec Packaging from MM Solutions Loveland, Colorado

MM Solutions manages all aspects of military spec packaging and shipping requirements. Full service WAWF processing means that we prepare all documentation including DD1659, MIL-STD 129 bar coding and receiving reports and invoicing on WAWF. We maintain custom packaging inventory – allowing us to achieve timely shipments.

MM Solutions interprets all the classification codes and produces packaging that will pass inspection.

Value Propositions

  • Working knowledge of military packaging expectations
  • Expertise with all aspects of Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)
  • Ability to pass on savings of special packaging supplies for small runs
  • Military Spec and Government Packaging
  • ARP performance achieved

Capabilities and Services

  • MSL and Packlist
  • SWAWF Receiving and Invoicing
  • MIL-STD 2073D Packaging Specifications
  • MIL-STD 129 Labeling Specifications
  • Custom Packaging

Breakdown of Military Spec Packaging Services

Military Ship Label and Pack list

  • Linear and 2-D barcodes
  • Code 39 barcodes
  • Satisfies all Branch requirements
  • Pack lists included with all MSL’s

Custom Packaging

  • All items packaged for specific requirements
  • Commercial grade supplies held in stock
  • Packaging supplies available for purchase

MM Solutions Colorado Mil-Spec Packaging and crating experts handle all aspects of mil-spec packaging including, labeling, and documentation

WAWF Receiving and Invoicing

  • Required by DoD for ECH payment processing
  • Receiving report & invoice are completed in one step
  • Ship from our location directly after QAR inspection
  • Reduce labor costs by outsourcing basic paperwork to us

MIL-STD 2073D Packaging Specifications

  • Professional staff trained for special packaging requirements
  • Meet all Mil-Std 2073D specifications
  • Interpret technical data instructions
  • On site Mil-Spec packaging supplies

MIL-STD 129 Labeling Specifications

  • Linear and 2-D barcodes
  • Unit, intermediate and exterior container labels
  • Standard requires identification and address marking

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