Crating and Shipping Crates

Custom Wood Shipping Crates

Loading, securing, and unloading your products will be safer, easier, and more efficient when you get your custom wood shipping crates from MM Solutions. Your valuable equipment will be kept safe and handling time will be minimized because of the innovative design engineering safeguards we build into every crate. You will avoid costly damage and never experience a crate stock out because our inventory management system ensures on time delivery every time.

MM Solutions produces custom wood shipping crates and pallets for the specific needs of our clients. We have a team of packaging, engineering, design, and production professionals that are true craftsmen. All of our products are engineered and manufactured for durability, performance, and best total cost. We don’t just drop off the crate, we are the complete solution, read more about our button up services below.

We are a custom wood shipping crate manufacturer for some of the largest companies in the hi-tech, medical, aerospace and defense, semiconductor, energy, communications industries including direct contracts with the Air Force, Navy, and Army.

  • Made in USA - MM Solutions
  • ITAR Certification - MM Solutions
  • ISO Certification - MM Solutions
  • ANAB Accredited - MM Solutions
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World Class Crate Manufacturing - MM Solutions

World Class Crate Manufacturing

  • CNC cut materials
  • Wood, metal, plastic, and corrugated materials
  • Specialty fabrication and fastening systems
  • All lumber is heat treated to ISPM 15 for International shipments
  • JIT deliveries available
  • Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes
  • Project completion on your site or in our Colorado facilities
Custom Engineered Packaging - MM Solutions

Custom Engineered Packaging

  • CAD drawings for production quality management systems
  • Process management assures precision, consistency, and revision control
  • Supports design modifications to accommodate evolving product lines
  • Consistent quality
  • Damage and risk mitigation through engineering and testing
  • Cost reduction from design to manufacturability
  • New product packaging development
  • Custom crates designed for ease of Customs inspection
  • 3D packaging modeling
  • Package prototyping and concept verification
  • Design for all supply chain stakeholders
Onsite Crate Assembly and Packaging Services (Button Up) - MM Solutions

Onsite Crate Assembly and Packaging Services (Button Up)

  • Installing your equipment in the crate
  • Team of machinery moving and rigging experts
  • Move, install, secure, protect, and load crate for shipping
  • Securing options include blocking, bracing, bolting, and banding
  • Specialty fabrication and fastening systems
Shock, Drop, Vibration, and Environmental Testing - MM Solutions

Shock, Drop, Vibration, and Environmental Testing

  • Replicate the conditions of your shipment in a controlled environment to test your packaging
  • Identify requirements of packaging
  • Reduce and end product returns/freight damages
  • Certified test to ISTA/ASTM standards
  • Informal crate drop testing with accelerometers
  • Reports delivered with testing data
Foam Cushioning - MM Solutions

Foam Cushioning

  • CAD designed and engineered for ultimate protection and consistency
  • Short-run or high-volume production
  • Computer controlled precision manufacturing
  • Cushion curves calculated for product requirements
  • Protects against shake, shock, and vibration
  • Green–reusable and recyclable options available
Custom Vapor Barrier Bags - MM Solutions

Custom Vapor Barrier Bags

  • Protects products in humid environments
  • Truck, air, and ocean transportation
  • Suitable for long-term storage
  • International shipments
  • Cleanroom applications
Military and Government Compliant Packaging - MM Solutions

Military and Government Compliant Packaging

  • MM Solutions manages all aspects of military spec packaging, inspection and shipping requirements
  • Custom packaging per contract Mil-Spec; to include Military ship labels, pack lists, and WAWF Invoicing

When you demand high performance and fast turnaround times.

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