Packaging Design Engineering & Manufacturing

Packaging Design Engineering & Manufacturing

MM Solutions excels when you connect our design and manufacturing capabilities. We engineer custom packaging designs that meet or exceed all ISTA or ASTM standards. Let us minimize your total cost, protect your products and deliver the best “out of the box” experience for your customer. Packaging serves many roles unique to each client and product. At MM Solutions, we focus on the Total Cost of Deployment. By partnering with us, we can conduct a full analysis of your product requirements studying important factors across your product chain. With this analysis, MM Solutions will provide our clients with the best custom packaging design recommendations to not only meet all of your requirements, but to place your company at a competitive advantage in your industry.

What You Can Expect

  • Design to manufacturability
  • Understanding product transit packaging requirements
  • Incorporating important safety and manufacturing savings
  • Minimize packaging and unpackaging time
  • Incorporate marketing and branding goals
  • Design engineering in relation to product value
  • Protect products in various warehousing and environmental conditions
  • Industry leading out of the box experience

Products & Services

  • Design-engineered custom crates
  • Design-engineered foam cushion for ultimate product protection
  • Shock, drop, vibration, and environmental testing
  • Design for Domestic and International Shipments
  • MIL spec and government compliant packaging
  • Cold Chain packaging
  • Corrugated cartons
  • Vapor barrier bags
  • One of a kind or volume production

CAD Designs 2D and 3D

  • Drawings for production quality management system
  • Assures precision, consistency, and revision control
  • Supports design modifications to accommodate evolving product lines

Foam Cushioning

  • Designed for ultimate protection and efficiency
  • Cushion curves calculated for product requirements
  • Protects against shake, shock, and vibration
  • One of a kind or volume production

Custom Vapor Barrier Bags

  • Protects products in high humidity environments
  • Suitable for long-term storage
  • International shipments
  • Cleanroom applications

Shock, Drop, Vibration, and Environmental Testing

  • Reports delivered with testing data
  • Replicate the conditions of your shipment in a controlled environment
  • Identify requirements of packaging
  • Reduce number of product returns

Military & Government Compliant Packaging

  • MM Solutions manages all aspects of military spec packaging, inspection and shipping requirements
  • Custom packaging per contract Mil-Spec’s; to include Military ship labels, pack lists, and WAWF Invoicing
  • Find MM Solutions’ GSA contractor information here.
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