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20 Years
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MM Solutions is all about Team, Partnership, and Leading
Industry-Leading Products and Services
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A Solution to Better Fit You
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Unparalleled Problem Solvers

MM Solutions is a professional service organization providing products and services to the hi-tech, medical, aerospace, defense, industrial, semiconductor, and energy sectors. The MM Solutions team has built an unsurpassed reputation and experience by providing industry-leading results with innovative solutions that increase efficiency, lowers total cost, and places our clients at a competitive advantage in their industry.

Your Professional Service Partner

MM Solutions is a leader in custom crating, machinery moving, case & foam, packaging design, manufacturing and professional services. We partner with companies in the in the Hi-Tech, Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Semiconductor, and Energy sectors. Through close collaboration with your teams our business units will bring innovative solutions that will provide our clients a competitive advantage in their industry segment.

Company Anchors

It’s About Team

MM Solutions brings together the highest skilled and collaborative team members that have a will to be the best and achieve industry leading results.

It’s About Partnership

Your challenges and success are our priority. We embrace your vision to accomplish your goals.

It’s About Leading

MM Solutions never stops innovating and challenging ourselves to be the leader for our partners. We collaborate, question and discover opportunities.

Solutions for Every Industry

MM Solutions partners with companies across all industries to provide professional products and services specializing in custom crating, cases and foam inserts, packaging design engineering, manufacturing and professional services, machine moving and rigging, and wholesale packaging supplies. By partnering and working together, MM Solutions’ team provides innovative custom packaging solutions to your most complicated challenges delivering industry leading results. Please contact us today for more information.

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